Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Transceiver and Companion Recovery Training

Snow dependant 
Cost is £25 per person. Group size is 8 max. Best if you have your own kit as that is what you need to practise with. Training contact time is 3 hours.  Some loan kit from Ortovox is available on request.

We use Glencoe's excellent beacon training park and do search and recovery scenarios on ski, so at times it’s fairly mobile training. The thrust of the training is in the context of avalanche avoidance with these search and recovery tools being required when decisions and planning have gone awry. Meet at 11am at the Beacon park next to the lowest “T” Bar below the plateaux CafĂ©.  Topics:

·                     Gear Check
Essential items and tools and how you carry and deploy them

·                     The Forecast
Hazard Evaluation: Interpretation of the weather forecast, avalanche forecast and local observations

·                     The Big Picture
Terrain: Anchors, Angle, Aspect, Altitude - Complexity, Commitment and Consequences.

·                     Beacon Search Training
Phases of a search, search patterns, signal spikes, antenna orientation and smart antenna technology, micro Search Strips, mark/flag pitfalls and problems. Probing and shovelling.

·                     Victim recovery  
Immediate (basic) first aid of the recovered victim

·                     Staying out of harms way
Group discussion, Summary and Debrief

I take payment on the day (cash) as it saves card refunds if the weather plays havoc. Any likely problems and I will try and give you notice.
Contact crankitupgear@aol.com for a place